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Special Interests

Research, collection development, scholarly publishing, bibliographic instruction, and book indexing in American, ethnic, and feminist studies, with interdisciplinary interests in history, art, and literature.

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University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
Librarian for Feminist Studies, U.S. History (8/99 - present); Humanities Collection Coordinator (7/01 - present); Scholarly Communication Program Coordinator (9/11 - present); Writing Studies Librarian (8/99-2013); Newspapers Librarian (7/09 - 2013)

Reporting to the Associate University Librarian For the Collection Services Division, divides responsibilities between the Scholarly Communication Program and public services responsibilities. Responsible for developing the Library's leadership role in raising awareness of scholarly communication and publishing issues and their impact on the Library and University. Raises awareness of scholarly communication and publishing issues among librarians, faculty, students and administrators, with an emphasis on emerging trends in scholarly communication and publishing, and related support services available from the UCSB Library and California Digital Library. Chairs the Scholarly Communication Group in the Library. In collaboration with the Scholarly Communication Group, develops policies, programs and services in support of open access publishing and archiving, managing intellectual property, author rights, and new model scholarship. Serves ex officio on the UC Libraries Scholarly Communication Group.

Assigned public service responsibilities include co-coordinating the Humanities Collection Group (Huma), serving as collection manager for the U.S. History, feminist studies, and GLBT studies collections, and working the reference and chat desks. Oversees all aspects of humanities collection management and development, with an emphasis on group goals, planning and outreach. Works with other collection coordinators to evaluate budgets, collection needs, and proposals. Works with Huma collection managers to evaluate and coordinate development of the Library's humanities colelctions. Responsible for all aspects of collection development in assigned subject areas, including selection of information resources; storage; preservation' weeding decisions; faculty liaison; collection evaluation, interpretation, and assessment; budgetary management management and resource sharing. Specialized reference and consultation services for assigned subject areas.Teaches two-credit course Interdisciplinary Studies 100WS (cross-listed as Feminist Studies 100WS), which is taught winter quarters.

Institute for Shipboard Education, Semester at Sea Study Abroad Program
Assistant Librarian (01/31/07 - 05/14/07)

Provide reference, circulation and instruction services for the shipboard community of 800 students, faculty and staff, while sailing around the world over 100 days. Supervise work-study students, weed collection, make gift decisions and acquisition recommendations. Semester at Sea trip leader for Boipeba Island, Brazil; Nargercoil, India; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia coordinated three day trips, supervising students, and working with local trip leader to maintain itinerary and provide an enriching travel and educational experience for students.

Long Island University (LIU), Brooklyn, NY
Reference Librarian, Assistant Professor (9/95 - 6/99)

Provides individual and group instruction in using the library's print and electronic resources.  Bibliographic instruction coordinator.  Produces and coordinates the production of pathfinders and bibliographies.  Faculty liaison and selector for education, speech, American history, American studies, women's studies, African American studies, and media arts.  Orientation Seminar (1 credit freshman requirement) instructor.

Brooklyn Public Library (BPL), Brooklyn, NY
Librarian (2/94 - 6/95); Assistant Branch Librarian (6/95 - 8/95)

Second in-charge of branch.  Supervised and trained Librarians.  Reference, using print and electronic resources.  Collection maintenance, including, selection, evaluation and weeding of materials.  Planned and conducted class visits and programming activities.  Arranged and selected materials for exhibit.

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Student Alumni Panel. Celebrating 40 Years of Women and Gender Studies Conference. San Francisco State University. October 28, 2011.

21st Century Scholarly Communication: Conversations for Change. Moderator. ACRL Women and Gender Studies Section Program, American Library Association Annual Conference. New Orleans, Louisiana, June 27, 2011.

Getting the Word Out on Black Feminism. Berkshire Conference on the History of Women Roundtable: Getting "The Word" out on Feminism: Feminism's Histories on the Web. Minneapolis, Minnesota. June 13, 2008.

Sojourner Librarian: A Semester at Sea. California Academic and Research Libraries, Irvine, California, April 5, 2008.

Doing Information Literacy Differently: The View from Interdsiciplinary Studies. Panelist. ACRL Women Studies Section Program, American Library Association Annual Conference. New Orleans, Louisiana, June 26, 2006.

Collection Development: The Manual Revisited. Collection Development Librarians of Academic Libraries Discussion Group. American Library Association Annual Conference. Orlando, Florida, Saturday June 26, 2004.

Buried Treasures: Using Government Information for Historical Research. California Academic and Research Libraries Preconference, Applying Government Information to Social Science Research. Long Beach, California. October 6, 2000.

Best Practices in Instruction: Effective Internal Training. UC Best Practices in Instruction & Reference for Digital Resources. Los Angeles, CA, June 23, 2000.

Presenting Librarians to the Faculty Review Committee. Workshop organizer and facilitator.  Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY, November 17, 1997.

Discover and Learn: Library Database Searching Classes.  Poster Presentation.  Faculty Showcase: Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY, October 8, 1997.

Resources and Materials Development Workshop. Moderator. Queer Pedagogy: A Colloquium on Sexuality and Curriculum Transformation.  The Graduate School and University Center, City University of New York, New York, March 8, 1997.

Library Services and Resources: Questions and Answers. Faculty Development Workshop on Information Literacy and Curriculum-Integrated Research Assignments.  Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY, January 26, 1996.

Communication Competencies of Librarians in the 21st Century. Panelist. California State Library Association Conference, Oakland, CA, November 11-16, 1993.

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Barvosa, Edwina. Wealth of Selves: Multiple Identities, Mestiza Consciousness and the Subject of Politics. Texas A&M Press, 2008.


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Barnes, Sherri. "Feminist Movements in the United States." Women's Studies Core Books (ACRL/WSS), 2000 - 2006.

Library Journal Reviews (in reverse chronological order)

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I'm Just a DJ...But it Makes Sense to Me, by Tom Joyner, with Mary Flowers Boyce. 1 August 2005, 97.
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Black is a Country: Race and the Unfinished Struggle for Democracy by Nikhil Pal Singh. 1 June 2004, 153.
Divided Mastery: Slave Hiring in the American South, by Jonathan D. Martin. 15 April, 2004.
Finding Grace, by Shirlee Taylor Haizlip. 1 March 2004, 88.
Stories of Freedom in New York, by Shane White. January 2003, 134.
The Great Wells of Democracy: The Meaning of Race in American Life, by Manning Marable. December 2002, 185.
The Huey P. Newton Reader, edited by David Hillard and Donald Weise. July 2002, 98.
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Coal to Cream: A Black Man's Journey Beyond Color to an Affirmation of Race,by Eugene Robinson. July 1999,106.
Race Men: The W.E.B. Dubois Lectures, by Hazel Carby. 1 September 1998, 204.

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Awards, Honors, Grants

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Association for Library Collections and Technical Services, 2012 - present

American Library Association, 1992 - present
Association of College and Research Libraries, 1995 - present
Librarians' Association of the University of California, 1999 - present
California Academic and Research Libraries Association, 2000 - 2008
American Society For Indexing, 2006 - present
Society for Scholarly Publishing, 2009 - present
National Women's Studies Association, 1998 - 2008; 2012 - present
National Council of Teachers of English, 2001 - 2008
American Studies Association, 2001 - 2008

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