The Universe at Your Fingertips
Block 2 Sessions, 10:45-11:30 a.m.
Program H

The Web for Documents Librarians

Jerry Breeze
Head, Documents Service Center
Lehman Library
Columbia University

Jane Cramer
Documents Librarian
Brooklyn College Library

David Hellman
Documents Librarian
New York University

The presenters will offer a tour of both well-established and "beginning" documents web sites, to see the variety of approaches and levels of complexity that currently exist. We will discuss the various factors which influence the size and complexity of a site: purpose, staffing, equipment, connectivity, expertise. We will take a look at some sites which are useful in the operation of a documents collection, both official government sites and sites created by documents librarians themselves in response to a particular need. Finally, we will look at a number of print tools and web sites which serve as resources for building a web site and determining its content.

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