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Block 3 Sessions, 1:00-1:45 p.m.
Program K

One-stop Shopping: Presenting Disparate Electronic Resources through a Single Interface

Judi Briden
Acting Head, Reference
University of Rochester River Campus

Brenda Reeb
Management Librarian and Chair, Electronic Resources Team
University of Rochester River Campus

Allison Zhang
Electronic Resources Librarian for Technical Services
University of Rochester River Campus

The Electronic Resources Team at the University of Rochester River Campus Libraries pursued the concept of one-stop shopping as a component of their new integrated library system Voyager, which debuted in January 1997. Faced with a growing variety of electronic resources with no single guide to their existence and access, the Team dealt with a number of issues to create a unified group of web pages providing information and, where possible, desktop access to the University of Rochester Community. These pages are accessible within Voyager through the Windows client in the libraries and the web gateway for remote users. Issues included logical presentation through a single interface of such disparate resources as both licensed and unrestricted remote web and telnet resources, some requiring CGI scripting, as well as CD-ROMs on standalone workstations and on LANs. These resources are spread across eight separate libraries and the Internet. Content includes bibliographic indexes, electronic journals, and full-text and numeric databases.

The presentation will cover specific elements addressed in the development of the one-stop shopping concept and considerations relevant for other institutions, including:

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