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Block 4 Sessions, 2:00-2:45 p.m.
Program S

How to Effectively Locate Federal Government Information on the Web

Patricia Cruse
Government Information Librarian
University of California, San Diego

Sherry DeDecker
U.S. Documents Librarian
University of California, Santa Barbara

Information from the U. S. Government is appearing with increasing frequency on the Internet. In many cases the Internet is the only place to locate important government information. Virtually all agencies now maintain their own web pages, on which are linked statistical data, news releases and other full-text publications. As time passes, more data will be in online format rather than standard print sources. In the future, searching the Web will become the primary means of locating government data.

This "hands-on" workshop is designed to demonstrate how to maximize retrieval of federal government information on the Web. Instruction on the best strategies for searching the major online sources will include:

In addition, analysis and discussion of some of the major issues associated with government information in an electronic environment will be explored.

An annotated bibliography of sources will be provided.

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