The Universe at Your Fingertips
Block 2 Sessions, 10:45-11:30 a.m.
Program G - Part 1

Navigating the Universe of Web Information in the Multimedia Classroom

Doralyn H. Edwards
Data Librarian
Rice University

As higher education institutions continue to increase the amount of technology in the classroom, the amount of world wide web information that supplements coursework continues to grow. Making a web page with links to related sites for use in class and instructing students on finding web information can be a daunting task for many faculty members and teachers. Librarians are filling a new role in the classroom by providing assistance in searching the web for class resources and teaching internet searching techniques. This paper will focus on librarians experiences in a new, experimental multimedia classroom at Rice University. In particular, it will detail the role one librarian has had in re-examining the traditional roles of a librarian and how those can be applied to working with faculty using the world wide web in a multimedia classroom environment. As is particularly appropriate to the universe theme of the conference, the librarian will discuss her work in selecting web resources and teaching web searching techniques for a Physics and Astronomy class at Rice. While this presentation details the experiences at one institution, the topic is applicable to any librarian working with teachers/faculty members. This presentation is primarily geared towards institutions of higher education, but is appropriate for all levels. It will cover how librarians can manage the collaboration process with faculty, searching the internet for resources, evaluating resources, organizing web pages, and teaching internet searching to students. Specific examples of web pages and instructional tools will be provided.

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