The Universe at Your Fingertips
Block 1 Sessions, 9:45-10:30 am
Program E

Developing a Program of Internet Workshops and Seminars at Texas Tech University Library -- 1993 to the Present

Jon R. Hufford
Coordinator of User Instruction
Texas Tech University

William T. Johnson
Science Librarian
Texas Tech University

The presenters would like to give a one hour instructional session on the program of Internet workshops and seminars offered to the Texas Tech University campus community since late 1993. The presentation will be enhanced with PowerPoint slides, handouts, and overhead transparencies. One presenter will discuss the program's history; the evolving process of organizing, managing, and advertising; the politics involved; the effort to motivate colleagues to participate; the quest for new equipment to support the program; and participant training. The second presenter will talk from the perspective of the active librarian participant in the workshop/seminar sessions. He will discuss the construction and use of the TTU Library's Web page to support the instructional goals of the workshops and seminars and the recent decision to offer new sessions that will more closely match the interests of particular groups of library patrons. These new sessions are designed to assist patrons in finding Internet resources on such topics as finding a job, traveling in the United States and abroad, and locating family and community resources on the Internet. Also, he will talk about the Library's effort to attract the off-campus community to these sessions. Both presenters will discuss the TTU Library's plans for improving the program in the future. They believe this session will provide practical information for librarians involved in the early stages of developing a series of Internet workshops and seminars. Also, the session will provide useful information to librarians who already have programs but would like to find out what other libraries are doing, with the idea of making adjustments to their programs.

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