The Universe at Your Fingertips
Block 2 Sessions, 10:45-11:30 a.m.
Program G - Part 2

Web-Writing in One Minute -- and Beyond

Kenneth Hughes

This presentation will focus on one of the most basic Web issues: learning enough minimal HTML to begin contributing to the Web, and so become fully engaged with it.

The key word is minimal. As the presentation's title says, it can convey basic functioning within 60 seconds (by the clock), and it arranges further HTML techniques into simple additions to that core. Thus its intended audience is any instructors or would-be instructors for basic web skills...while because of its careful pace, it doubles as a primer for people who have not yet learned HTML themselves.

It begins with a comment on the importance of using the Web as a two-way street, of the potential of contributing to the world at large and the increased involvement this gives a person with the Web. The problem, of course, is the often-bewildering array of computer codes that make the language hard even to start learning.

My solution is to begin by isolating the three essential sets of HTML that provide basic structure, rather than improve appearance. These are: the core template of <html> <head> etc, five typing characters (counting paragraph breaks) that must be replaced for HTML documents, and the tag to create hyperlinks.

HTML 3.2 Checked!