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Program T - Part 1

Web-Based Slide Presentations

Melissa L. Just
Information Specialist, Norris Medical Library
University of Southern California

As the World Wide Web receives more exposure in the popular press and more people have access to the Web, the demand for presentations on the use of the Web, new Web technologies, and specialized Web resources has increased. At the University of Southern California's Norris Medical Library, seminars on Web topics are given to faculty, staff, and students, and to community health care providers at remote sites.

In the past, library computer presentations have been given using presentation software such as Microsoft Powerpoint while running Netscape in the background, switching between the two programs as the need arose. The biggest disadvantage to this setup is the large amount of computer memory required. Both programs are graphically intensive and simultaneous use will often alter the coloration of the slides or Web page.

The development of Web-based slides has made Web presentations more seamless. Only one program is required. Hypertext links can be incorporated directly into the presentation. Unlike Powerpoint presentations, the resulting product is platform independent and completely portable. The use of HTML templates makes building a Web based presentation simple and fast. This presentation will walk librarians through the process of building a Web presentation from setting up the HTML template to a demonstration of the final product.

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