The Universe at Your Fingertips
Block 1 Sessions, 9:45-10:30 am
Program A

Integrating the Web Into Everyday Reference Services

Micaela Morales
Librarian, Undergraduate Services Team
University of Arizona

Jeff Rosen
Librarian, Social Sciences Team
University of Arizona

Reference librarians are just beginning to appreciate the value of using the World Wide Web for reference. With this new practice, however, comes the greater challenge of fully integrating the Web into reference desk service. This workshop focuses on the practical steps necessary to achieve that aim including:
  1. examining which types of information are more likely to be found on the Web than in traditional print sources;
  2. facilitating the use of the Web for ready reference by creating a Virtual Ready Reference Shelf with new and familiar reference tools;
  3. the need for librarians to spend time becoming familiar with the electronic stacks;
  4. the application of both traditional and new selection criteria to electronic collection development as well as the necessity of helping users evaluate for themselves the information they find; and
  5. when and how to use Web search tools and how to develop effective search strategies.
This workshop is ideal for those librarians that are already using the Web at the Reference Desk or for those who may be considering it. Participants will apply the ideas that are presented in a hands-on computer classroom, with exercises designed to simulate real reference situations.

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