The Universe at Your Fingertips

Integrating the Web Into Everyday Reference Services

Micaela Morales
Librarian, Undergraduate Services Team
University of Arizona

Jeff Rosen
Librarian, Social Sciences Team
University of Arizona

Micaela Morales is currently an Assistant Librarian for Undergraduate Services at the University of Arizona Library. She has worked in a temporary assignment as a Systems Librarian with the Library Information Systems Team at the U A Library, and assumed her current position last August. She has developed several world wide web sites for the University of Arizona Library that highlight the culture and historical diversity of people that lived in the Tucson area, as has also assisted in developing world wide web exhibits that highlight the library's archive collections. She is currently focused on exploring the ways in which information technology can enhance the teaching and learning process.

Jeff Rosen is Education Librarian and Instructional Coordinator on the Social Sciences Team, in the Main Library at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He teaches in the Internet training program at the University and works with faculty to integrate the use of the Web into the curriculum. He has written several articles on the history and future of the Internet and about how librarians can use the Internet.

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