The Universe at Your Fingertips
Block 4 Sessions, 2:00-2:45 p.m.
Block 5 Sessions, 3:00-3:45 p.m.
Program Q
Note: This is a two-hour session and covers blocks 4 and 5

Brave the Wave: Using the Internet for Student Research

Elizabeth Saliba
Federal Documents Librarian
Mesa Public Library

Kellie Shoemaker
Young Adult Librarian
Mesa Public Library

This workshop offers practical help to the busy professional who lacks the time to search the Internet for authoritative and appropriate information. The intended audience for this presentation ranges from upper elementary to junior college school librarians, public librarians, and teachers who are interested in using the Internet to help students with reports and homework assignments. The focus is on hard-to-find information, and the factors that were considered in selecting the sites were currency, availability, reading level, language, source reliability and subject popularity. All the sites that were selected for the presentation were evaluated by librarians who work in a large public library, using guidelines established by professional sources.

More than 170 Intenret sites were collected for an annotated bibliography that is provided to workshop participants. The list is organized by a wide range of subjects, including geography, government, history, literature, science, medicine, social issues and statistics. The workshop is a presentation of about twenty sites that represent the subjects listed on the bibliography along with general tips for searching the Internet and criteria to use in evaluating sites.

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