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Program M

Transforming the Web into a Forum for Academic Research: The USC Doheny Electronic Resources Center Model

Judith A. Truelson
Director, Doheny Electronic Resources Center
University of Southern California

Evidence suggests that use of multimedia or new media can enhance selected areas of the curriculum. Library planners at USC believe that use of multimedia to transform the WEB into a research forum for scholars in the humanities facilitates and even ensures the eventual use of this material in the curriculum. This use also affords researchers a more flexible and accessible research forum, albeit a forum that may present some intellectual property challenges. The USC Doheny Electronic Resources Center was established in September of 1996 to foster a collaborative environment between researchers and librarians in creating and disseminating electronically based multimedia research resources. The purpose of this paper is to describe the centerwith librarians and humanities faculty, and its first five projects -- including a SGML Project to develop expertise among library faculty and humanities faculty in use of SGML Author for Windows 95 which is the standard format prescribed by the Text Encoding Initiative; and, a Dead Sea Scrolls Project which will provide WEB access to the largest known catalog of archaeological images for scholars and students of ancient Near Eastern and biblical texts with the ability to order high resolution copies of these images off the WEB. In the course of the discussion both successes and challenges (particularly ways in which obstacles have been circumvented) will be emphasized, as well as a forecast of future developments.

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