Untangling the Web
Poster Sessions, 4:30-5:30 pm

Intellectual Property and Copyright in the Academic Environment: So What?

Denise A.D. Bedford
ILS Project Manager
University Libraries
University of Southern California

This is a critical time for advocates to strengthen their efforts on behalf of libraries and library users. Effective advocacy depends on a clear understanding of the potential impacts of the NII Copyright Protection Act on libraries and their users. This poster session attempts to provide a reference model or context for identifying the potential impacts to libraries, faculty and students in institutions of higher education. The reference model describes a "system" view of information, each component of which may be affected by the Act. Components are categorized generally as information inputs, processes applied to information, and information products and services. The poster session focuses on universities and university libraries - primarily research and teching institutions - because of the complex combinations of roles faculty, students and librarians can play in the creation and use of information. The poster session attempts to provide "at a glance" a graphical view of the potential changes for those who use and produce information in the research and teaching university environment.

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