Untangling the Web
Session M, 1:00-3:00 pm

Untangling the Tangled Webs We Weave: A Team Approach to Cyberspace

Ellen Broidy
History and Film Studies Librarian
Kathryn Kjaer
Physical Sciences Librarian
Christina Woo
Social Sciences Librarian
University of California, Irvine

Working in a cooperative team environment across libraries and job classifications, librarians and support staff at UCI have mounted several successful web projects, including two versions of the Libraries' home page, a virtual reference collection, and a Science Library ANTswer Machine. While on the face of it, UCI is simply another in the growing list of libraries to join the great web migration, our team-based structure, stressing shared responsibility and authority, make the approach to these projects novel. The panel outlined below offers insights into both the intellectual and technical processes that continue to inform the design and implmentation of the UCI Libraries' presence in cyberspace. The intended audience is librarians and other library staff involved in creating, designing, and/or maintaining library websites.

The panel covers four broad areas:

  1. Background: the who, what, and why of the "teams"

    In order to appreciate fully the work that went into the design and implementation of UCI's various web projects, it is important to understand the context within which we hold our deliberations and make our decisions. The critical elements include:

  2. The UCI campus environment: academic, social, political factors that informed our discussions/decisions.

    This portion of the panel will address such issues as:

  3. Operationalizing: look, criteria, standards

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, might not a number of pictures replace ten thousand words? This section addresses some of the difficult lessons we are still learning about the relationship between content and design, including:

  4. Conclusion: where to from here?

    A brief overview of new projects and electronic opportunities currently underway at UCI, examining both how these fit into ongoing initiatives and how new directions force reconsideration of standards, guidelines, and criteria.

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