Untangling the Web
Session D, 9:15-10:15 am

Wow! This Librarian and These Librarians are Magic! The World Wide Web and Its Use in a Medium Sized Public Library

Michael Charton
Parsippany Public Library, Parsippany, New Jersey

The purpose of this talk is to show the growing use of the World Wide Web to answer questions in the public library. With web access, we can answer many more questions within our own library than we could answer before. Before,for many questions, I would have to refer a patron to a larger library or one in a particular specialty. I can now give more and more examples of questions that can be answered with a web search, such as particular companies that have web pages, detailed information on various cities through web sites such as CityNet, etc. I would cover the ways of looking for different web sites such as Yahoo, Webcrawler, advantages and disadvantages. I would give different web sites that have been found for the searches I have done and ways to index them, so you can have this information in ready reference for frequent searches.

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