Untangling the Web
Poster Sessions, 4:30-5:30 pm

Using Research and Reference Skills to Find Agricultural Information on the Internet

May Ying Chau
Reference Librarian/Assistant Professor
Oregon State University

Quality of the information on the Internet varies; some resources are potentially valuable while others are dangerously unreliable. Unfortunately, no uniform refereed procedure has been established yet, so traditional reference and research skills need to be applied to locate and evaluate information on the Internet.

This session presents a systematic approach to searching the Internet for agricultural information. The approach consistently retrieves information from reliable sources and may be applied to other subject areas. A road map indicating the hierarchical arrangement of agriculture information on the Internet will be shown. Discussions will center on who are the major agricultural information providers on the Internet, how to find them, and how to transfer traditional reference knowledge to Internet searching. Sample searches using traditional reference and research skills will demonstrate how to retrieve and verify information.

This presentation is intended to help reference staff convert the Internet to a more useful reference tool. In addition to bookmarking specific URLs and using keyword searching, the road map shows another approach to using the Internet at the Reference Desk.

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