Untangling the Web
Session T, 3:15-4:15 pm

Bringing Order to the Web: Future Approaches to Organizing the Digital Universe

Cecily Johns
Associate University Librarian for Technical Services
University of California, Santa Barbara
Brian Schottlaender
Assistant University Librarian for Technical Services
University of California, Los Angeles
Bruce Miller
Assistant University Librarian for User Support Services
University of California, San Diego
Daniel Pitti
Associate Librarian
University of California, Berkeley

Brian Schottlaender, an authority on national cataloging policy, Bruce Miller, administrator of the UCSD CWIS and Daniel Pitti, creator of the prototype SGML-based finding aids project at Berkeley, will discuss current thinking about the future of organizing and providing access to Web resources and digital information in general. In addition to theorizing about the future of cataloging and the Internet, the panel will describe some of the new approaches already in development which make use of contextualization to provide access points. The panel will address such questions as, how will traditional cataloging methods evolve or will they be supplanted entirely by automated extraction of metadata, does the library community have a role to play in this new environment and if so what is it, how will access i.e., cataloging or indexing, methods develop as the current Web interfaces evolve into something quite different, and finally considering the uneven quality of the information found through the Internet and the current labor intensive activity of cataloging, should these resources be cataloged at all.

The purpose of this panel discussion is to suggest future trends in creating access methodologies and to provide provocative ideas about the future of cataloging. The remarks of the panel members will be directed at a broad audience not limited to technical services people but to include all members of the information community.

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