Untangling the Web
Session R, Part 1, 3:15-4:15 pm

Casting the Net: The Development of a Resource Collection for an Internet Database

Gerry McKiernan
Coordinator, Science and Technology Section
Iowa State University, Ames

While there have been noteworthy efforts to facilitate the efficient identification of relevant Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) data and information sources in the fields of Science and Technology, users continue to be confronted with the cumbersome task of effectively identifying, selecting, evaluating and using Reference sources that best meet their information needs. We believe that a fuller application of the Library of Congress classification scheme - a standard classification system used by major research libraries for organizing a wide variety of information resources and formats - can provide the necessary structure and organization for facilitating access to selected Internet resources in science and technology.

A review of the literature and numerous in-depth newsgroup and listserv discussions has confirmed that there is no current service that has organized appropriate and significant Internet and WWW resources in science and technology that offers the value-added structure, context and level of specificity and description within a browsable scheme, provided by a demonstration prototype created within a personal home page at Iowa State University.

URL: http://www.public.iastate.edu/~CYBERSTACKS/

We will profile a service - CyberStacks(sm) - that has adopted the Library of Congress classification schedules in Science and Technology to identify and organize selected World Wide Web and other Internet resources. We will discuss its development and implementation, and demonstrate its potential as a model for a centralized, universally-accessible virtual library of selected Science and Technology WWW and other Internet resources, for academic, research and special libraries worldwide.

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