Untangling the Web
Session J, Part 1, 10:30-11:30 am

The Librarian as Publisher: A Case Study of a World Wide Web Publishing Project

Mark Stover
Director of Library Services
Phillips Graduate Institute, North Hollywood, California

The World Wide Web has great potential as a publishing medium, both for original electronic publications as well as for mirrored (already in print) publications. Librarians, because of our experience as information providers, should not hesitate to become involved in Web publishing projects. This presentation will describe the evolutionary experience of a Web-based electronic journal, and will include a discussion of such issues as:

This presentation is designed for librarians who are interested in Web publishing but who aren't quite sure how to get started. It will deal with a broad range of legal, ethical, professional, and technical issues, but the primary focus of the presentation will be on the tremendous potential that exists for librarians who wish to add value to the World Wide Web through publishing and organizing scholarly information.

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